Astrid is Senior Case Manager at Premier Healthcare Germany. Astrid oversees the entire process of the patient’s medical treatment in Germany, from matching patients with the right doctor for their condition to discussing a treatment plan with the doctors. She also coordinates travel and accommodation arrangements for the patient and their family, taking aftercare requirements into consideration, and she arranges follow-up appointments as necessary. She and the rest of the Premier Healthcare Germany team are always coordinating from behind the scenes, making sure the travel and treatment plans go as smoothly as possible, which is to the patients’ advantage in terms of time and costs.

Astrid is constantly looking for innovative and quality treatment options in Germany. She knows many German doctors on a personal level, and she enjoys the challenge of working with them together to address the unique needs of international patients. Over the years, Astrid has developed a close personal relationship with many patients, and sometimes stays in contact with them even years after their treatment is complete.

As a former patient who underwent many medical treatments in Germany herself in the past, Astrid has experienced the German healthcare system from the inside and knows what it is like for patients. Astrid has a high level of trust in the German healthcare system and is committed to finding the optimal treatment solution, no matter what their medical condition.

Astrid speaks German, English and Spanish.

You can reach Astrid at +49 40 5379 766-12.