Yasmin is a Case Manager Assistant at Premier Healthcare Germany. Her job is to directly contact international patients who are seeking medical treatment in Germany or who are already receiving medical treatment here, and provide them support at all stages of the medical journey. She helps coordinate treatment plans and stays in contact with the patient’s relatives to keep them updated on the patient’s progress.

With a family background in Palestine, Yasmin was raised in a bicultural and bilingual environment, and she feels at home in both German and Arabic-speaking cultures. She enjoys the opportunity to connect her work to her heritage and to help Arabic-speaking people from her position in Germany.

Yasmin’s background is in Health Sciences, and she is currently studying Socioeconomics at the University of Hamburg. In the past, she has worked as a medical translator for patients in hospitals, and has worked with underage refugees in Germany. Yasmin’s medical and cultural background help her understand the specific needs of international patients, and her experience in customer service enable her to excel at finding a solution that meet the patient’s medical and personal needs.

Yasmin speaks Arabic, German and English.

Call her at +49 40 5379 766-18.