Many people are familiar with Germany's high quality medical care, but few realize that receiving medical care in Germany can be good for their wallet as well. Germany has an excellent cost-to-quality ratio when it comes to medical treatment. The level of care is extremely high, and the prices are often significantly lower than same quality for the same treatment somewhere else.

Take a knee implant, for instance. This common orthopedic surgery can cost over $30,000 in the U.S. The exact same procedure in Germany can be found for a 30-60% decrease in price, and it will still be performed in a modern hospital by well-trained surgeons. This makes Germany an extremely favorable price-to-value ratio destination.

Additionally, German has more hospitals per capita than any other European country, and nearly twice as many per capita in the U.S. This means hospitals have a lot of competition to fill their beds, resulting in favorable prices for patients overall. German hospital pricing structure is very competitive to countries like Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA.

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