Superior Medical Coverage Opens Healthcare Borders:

Premier Healthcare Germany (PHG) and Global Cross-Border Medical Alliance (GCMA) cohost 8th Union Dinner

Premier Healthcare Germany and the GCMA Global Cross-Border Medical Alliance co-hosted the 8th Union Business Dinner, which was held on September 14th, 2018 in the Jingwei Zhao Ballroom in Beijing. This event emphasizes their mutual commitment to further developing a strong partnership. Their aim is to bring together the innovation and know-how of German and Chinese healthcare providers as well as to change the landscape of how people access remarkable healthcare.

The dinner opened with a warm welcome speech, given by GCMA’s chairman, Mr. Xie Guoao, which expressed the ongoing plans for increasing cross-cultural connections between the members as well as promoting cooperation amongst them. Mr. Meurs, the CEO of PHG, continued in this spirit by saying that “PHG is very pleased to join the GCMA family, and our membership provides an outstanding opportunity to introduce superb German medical care and treatment plans to Alliance members.” Mr. Meurs made an informative presentation and introduced state-of-the-art equipment in addition to various ground-breaking treatment possibilities which have already proven successful in Germany.

The host companies hope that this alliance will support providing advanced medical technology, expert doctors, impeccable hospital management procedures, and innovative medical care to Beijing. This Alliance will also serve to support close business cooperation with local hospitals in China. Further, members would like to meet regularly, not only in Beijing, but also at other locations where member companies are headquartered, according to Mr. Liu Zheng. He hopes that foreign member companies will be able to fully participate in the daily offline interaction of the Alliance.

Mr. Yang Yingqi, the secretary of the Alliance, expressed his gratitude to the productive entrepreneurship of the members for their support and collective efforts. He stated, “The Alliance marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation in a healthcare environment where resources in all aspects are still relatively weak.” He also hopes that all member units will contribute to the ongoing work of the Alliance. This partnership plans to develop the Alliance into a global model for the cross-border healthcare industry.

Mr. Xie Guoao, Chairman of the Alliance Member of Beijing Excellent Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Michael G. Meurs, General Manager of Germany Premier Healthcare Germany, Mr. Chen Bohua, Manager of Greater China, and Ms. Xu Yan, General Manager of Jingbo Rui International Medical Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Zheng, General Manager of Beijing New Vision International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Fang Yaping, Junkang International Medical Group, Huang Lei, General Manager of Zhongwei International Travel Service, Ms. Mao Wei, Hong Kong China Travel Service, Mr. Fu Ruliang, Deputy General Manager of COFCO Group, and Yang Yingqi, Alliance Secretariat Zhou Yue.