Premier Healthcare Germany is proud to share that our partnership hospital, the Asklepios Clinic Barmbek, again won the title of the “World's Best Hospital for Medical Tourists” by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA). The MTQUA, an independent, international organization based in the US, provides additional certification in medical tourism to hospitals performing at the highest level of quality standards. For the second year in a row, Asklepios Clinic Barmbek has ranked number 1 in their Top Ten list, which MTQUA has published since 2010. In addition to rating hospitals and clinics according to established quality standards, MTQUA also assesses the personal care given to international patients.


The field of medical tourism is becoming more and more important in Hamburg, which is clearly evident in the growing number of international patients coming here to seek treatment. At Asklepios alone the international patient population has more than doubled since 2009. Further, MTQUA’s patient survey suggests that Asklepios Clinic Barmbek is particularly responsive to the high expectations and unique needs of international patients.

Michael Meurs, CEO of Premier Healthcare Germany, says, “This recognition has special meaning, because one of our key partner hospitals here in Hamburg continues to set the global standard for providing exceptional international patient care. Our years of collaboration with Asklepios shows that in order to get outstanding treatment in a German hospital, it is critical for international patients to combine with excellent case management. This is what makes any treatment truly successful.

Asklepios Clinic Barmbek is an “outstanding hospital for medical tourists” seeking any number of treatment options, according to the chair of the MTQUA, Julie Monro. Ongoing cooperation with an independent patient management company, like Premier Healthcare Germany, is an important factor in delivering high quality care and expertise to patients. We are committed to offering our clients expert advice and support, assistance with travel arrangements and visa issues, organizing knowledgeable interpreters, and efficiently coordinating related medical appointments.