Mr. Abbas accompanied his mother as she traveled to Germany to receive treatment for her back pain. We called Mr. Abbas to find out about their experiences with the German medical system and with Premier Healthcare Germany.

How did you find out about Premier Healthcare Germany?

Searching on the Internet, I found your website. I was searching for a medical treatment for my mother. She had serious spine problems. She had received an operation in Egypt in the past, but the end result was not satisfactory. We decided to go to Germany for additional medical treatment. She received a PRT therapy in Germany in Asklepios Westklinikum from Dr. Köhler.

How did we help you?

First of all, finding the right hospital for my mother was the most important thing for me. I contacted Premier Healthcare Germany and the response was very fast and professional. The company guided me with the medical travel, and we were satisfied with the medical treatment my mother received.

How can we improve our services?

I am very satisfied with the services PHG delivered. But it would be better if the period to collect the invoices of the hospital could be shorter. I paid an amount of money in advance. The actual medical costs turned out to be lower. It took quite some time before I received the amount of money back. PHG explained me that administrative processes within German hospitals can be quite long. PHG first has to collect all invoices of the healthcare providers.

Would you recommend us to others?

I already referred two friends of me for medical treatment in Germany.