Ms. Alfarraji was treated in Germany for congenital and recurrent hip dislocation. After failing to receive satisfactory treatment in her home country and Thailand, she turned to Germany, where she was finally able to get the treatment she needed.

I did not have very good experiences with medical treatment in my home country or in Thailand. My last chance was to go to Germany, which has a good reputation in orthopedics. I searched online for a good clinic but I couldn’t find anything on my own so my employer told me to ask my insurance company for help, and through them, I came into contact with Premier Healthcare Germany.

I visited the Endo-Clinic Hamburg. Mr. Kardosh of Premier Healthcare Germany joined me for the first consultation.

I did not have a good feeling about the consultation with the first doctor I met. The doctor’s time with me was limited and he focused too much on my past medical treatments. Although it was a specialized clinic with a good reputation, I decided to choose another clinic. Even though Premier Healthcare Germany highly advised this provider, they still respected my choice and supported to approach another provider.

I went with Mr. Kardosh to Bad Bramstedt hospital north of Hamburg for a second consultation and I decided to have the surgery and the clinic there. I am very happy about my choice. The clinic was very good so I decided to extend my rehabilitation period.

At first I was not satisfied with my room, but I arranged a different room by myself.

Only the doctors speak English in the hospital – the nurses usually don’t. This may be a problem for some patients.

The services of Premier Healthcare Germany were very helpful to me. Premier Healthcare Germany helped me in many ways. Thank you.