In most forms of leukemias and lymphomas, inoperative white blood cells are formed. This “blood cancer” or “lymph gland cancer” usually has to be treated with cytostatics. In many cases, very high dosages of chemotherapeutical drugs have to be administered. Since this also affects or destroys the blood-forming cells, stem cell therapy (stem cell transplantation) offers a replacement after chemotherapy.

Stem cell therapy: The treatment

A distinction is made between autologous stem cell “transplantation”, where stem cells are taken from the patient before chemotherapy, and allogeneic transplantation, where stem cells are taken from a donor.

For stem cell transplantations with a patient’s own stem cells (autologous stem cell transplantation), the principle is to apply chemotherapies of particularly high dosage, which can result in the cure or regression of otherwise hardly-treatable diseases. The application of such a high-dose therapy is only possible if the heavy side effects on blood formation can be reversed. To compensate for the serious consequences of such a high-dose therapy, the destroyed blood formation of the patient is replaced by previously obtained hematopoietic stem cells that are stored in sub-zero conditions in the meantime.

In case of a transplantation with foreign stem cells (allogeneic stem cells), the cells originate from one person who matches the main transplantation characteristics (so-called HLA-antigens) of the patient as well as possible. An advantage of the allogeneic stem cell transplantation is that the transplant is free from contamination through malignant cells. Furthermore, an additional immunotherapeutic effect against leukemias and lymphomas can originate from the immune cells of the donor. Because of the possibility of severe adverse reactions of the transplant against the organism of the patient, this treatment is reserved to specially-equipped and experienced centres.

For patients with malignant diseases, it is particularly important to maintain a continuous care from a single source. Premier Healthcare Germany has guided several patients, children and adults, with leukemia on their journey to receive treatment in Germany. The best choice of hospitals depends on many individual factors.

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