Premier Healthcare Germany coordinates medical treatment all over Germany. The headquarters in the country's second-biggest city, Hamburg. With the highest density of hospitals of any German state, each with their own medical specialisms, Hamburg is the healthcare capital of Germany.

Visiting Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, is an oft-overlooked gem in northern Europe. Located on the banks of the river Elbe, Hamburg is an important trade city. Its industrial harbor is an important port of trade, and visitors can get a chance to see the loading cranes and shipping containers up close during a harbor boat tour. Further inland, Hamburg boasts an array of diverse neighborhoods that offer different tourist attractions, shopping opportunities, classical architecture and natural beauty. In fact, Hamburg is so beautiful, its residents often call it the “Elbperle” – pearl of the Elbe.

Manmade tourist attractions are also located throughout the city. Hamburg holds a variety of museums, cathedrals and attractions. The TV tower holds a prominent place in the skyline. The red light district and party street Reeperbahn attracts young tourists and partygoers year-round. And various theaters, concert houses and photography halls keep the city’s art scene alive and thriving.

City of Health

Hamburg has the best doctor-to-patient ratio of any German state. With one doctor per 141 residents, it has more top medical experts than any other city in Germany. With 49 hospitals and 11,800 beds, nearly 450,000 inpatients receive world-class healthcare at Hamburg clinics annually. Premier Healthcare Germany can put you in contact with highly qualified medical specialists in Hamburg who is an expert in your illness.

Hamburg provides an excellent environment for healing. Although with 1.8 million residents, it is Germany’s second-largest city, it is easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and retreat to the beautiful green nature. Hamburg has numerous large public parks which are pleasant for walking, jogging or cycling, and countless trees and small grassy areas everywhere provide clean air and patches of color in an otherwise urban environment. With its flat topography and beautiful cycle paths, Hamburg is also a popular city for cycling. Many residents choose to commute by bike, and bike rentals provide an affordable way to stay in shape and see the city during your stay.

The Alster is Hamburg’s largest lake, located directly in the city center. At all times of year you will see people jogging, cycling or walking along its banks, enjoying the shade of the magnificent German oak trees and the view across the water. When the weather is nice, the lake is full of sailboats, paddle boats and canoes – all of which visitors can rent.

Aside from the Elbe and the Alster, Hamburg also contains numerous canals, small lakes and ponds that lend their beauty to the landscape. Canals flow through nearly every neighborhood, and numerous small, picturesque bridges arch over them to provide beautiful views over the water. Many parks contain hidden lakes or ponds which are pleasant to walk along or sit beside in warm weather.

Shopping in downtown Hamburg

On the south bank of the Alster, Jungfernstieg offers one of the most iconic views of Hamburg from the shores. You can watch kayaks and swans glide by as you eat a croissant or sip coffee from one of the many nearby cafes. Just around the corner is the Rathaus, or City Hall, which is one of Hamburg’s most beautiful buildings and is free for anyone to go inside. Tours are offered every half hour.

The downtown area also includes plentiful shopping opportunities. The Europa Passage, Alster Arkaden, and Alsterhaus are all major shopping malls located directly at Jungfernstieg. Within walking distance, you will find a wide variety of clothing stores for all price ranges, from upper-end designers like Louis Vuitton, to affordable fashion at H&M. High-quality electronics are easy to find at stores like Apple or Bose, and a variety of shoe stores cater to different tastes from athletic to trendy. Extending from the main train station to Gänsemarkt, the shopping streets provide goods for nearly every budget and taste.

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