Ever since the label “Made in Germany” rose to prominence in the 19th century, the word “Germany” has become synonymous with good quality. Just as Germany excels at producing cars, machinery and many other products, Germany has a very good reputation for the quality of its healthcare.

The number of international patients choosing Germany as their preferred healthcare destination is growing every year. The main reason for this? Quality. Due to the strict regulations of the German government, the quality of German hospitals is extremely high.

Choosing quality to minimize risk

Every medical treatment carries some degree of risk. However, healthcare professionals in Germany work hard to minimize those risks. Government regulators enact strict laws to protect patients’ safety and to ensure hospital transparency. Medical innovators are constantly striving to develop safer procedures to treat all kinds of health conditions. And doctors, nurses and surgeons are dedicated to treating every patient with compassion and respect. In German hospitals, it is not uncommon for a patient to receive 'interdisciplinary' review and treatment. In other words, several doctors - all of them experts in their respective fields - will look after you if required, with one physician overseeing the entire treatment process. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a strength in many of the German larger hospitals. By choosing to receive high-quality medical care in Germany, you are minimizing the risks associated with standard medical treatments. 

Balancing quality with cost

On an international scale, Germany is not the cheapest country to visit for healthcare, but it is absolutely not the most expensive country to receive medical treatment. In terms of price, some countries are cheaper, but this may come at the cost of safety or quality. Receiving a botched medical treatment that will later require correction does not only cost more, it can also have serious consequences for the patient’s health. That’s why it is important to see an experienced doctor in a country with strict regulations and high safety standards.

When compared to other countries with a similarly high-standard of care, Germany actually offers treatment at very competitive rates. For example, receiving treatment in Germany instead of the United States can result in savings of 50% or more. When both quality and cost are taken into consideration, German healthcare offers some of the best value for your money. 

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