The da Vinci Xi robot: 100 surgeries and counting

In mid-February, Prof. Dr. Christian Wülfing, chief physician in Urology, had the honor of performing the 100th surgery with help of a da Vinci Xi robot at the Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg-Altona. The operation, which involved removing a cancerous prostate tumor, is just one example of the multiple uses of the four-armed da Vinci Xi robot. Already in the first year, numerous surgeons in the fields of urology, gynecology, ENT and gastric and abdominal medicine have all shown the advantages of operating with robot-assisted means. So far, urologists, like Wülfing, have performed the highest number of procedures, such as removing prostate and kidney tumors.

No additional financial costs


The da Vinci Center has a growing number of patients, from Germany and abroad, who are interested in discovering the possibilities of taking advantage of state of the art operating rooms in Hamburg. Patients of all kinds are taking notice of the life-saving surgical procedures made available by this new technology. Even though they are very sophisticated, robot-assisted surgeries do not have any additional costs, which means that public and private patients can benefit from these complicated, but minimally-invasive surgeries.  “Of course, we are naturally very excited about the overwhelming interest we’ve seen, and we are also extremely proud of our first-class medical team, which has interdisciplinary competencies. Since we’ve been able to put all this expertise under one roof, we continue to have a highly unique position in metropolitan Hamburg,”says Dr. K

laus Schmolling, 

managing director of the Asklepios Clinic Altona.

Calling Dr. da Vinci!

You don’t have to be a surgeon to see these surgical robots in action. Even non-medical professionals will have the chance to celebrate the da Vinci Xi robot’s growing success record. On February 23 and 24, there will be a live demonstration by Asklepios’ da Vinci trained surgeons, where anyone interested can test how to operate with a fully-functioning da Vinci model at the Elbe Shopping Center.